Typewriters have gone. Paper is going the way of typewriters.

But decorative handicrafts such as this, which uses the paper as a medium, are emerging as top pop handicrafts. 

Stafford, U.K.-based artist Jennifer Collier has created this typewriter from discarded newspapers and other paper documents. 

Artist Keira Rathbone uses typewriters, now largely obsolete machines, to type pictures. 

An ad for the Model 5 Underwood typewriter, published in OCEAN WIRELESS NEWS about February, 1917. 

A couple of days ago the world’s very last typewriter factory, in Mumbai, closed. Currently, the company has in its stock just 500 machines.

Hurry while stocks last, as the imposing Prima model dating from the 1950s, now selling for about £160, is sure to become a sought-after classic of pre-digital design.

(Via The Guardian)