Big Apple-based businesses can now own a location-specific URL, ending in .nyc.

This is how Hollywood depicts texting and the Internet.

A comparison of the ratio of content and advertising in 1996 and 2013.

“The Internet is a utility, just like water and electricity.”
— Nilay Patel, in a piece in The Verge: "The Internet is Fucked." 

Also known as “auto-correct errors,” a Cupertino error occurs when your computer thinks it knows what you’re trying to say better than you do. The name comes from an early spell checker program, which knew the word Cupertino—the Californian city where Apple has its headquarters—but not the word “cooperation.” In a document, whenever the word “cooperation” appeared, it might be automatically “corrected” into Cupertino.

“Nobody “goes online” any more.”
— The headline of an article in All Things Digital.

Country codes, meant international dialing codes. But, who uses the phone these days, right? This map of country codes talks of a different sort of country code—domain names.

Although .com is the world’s most popular Top-Level Domain (TLD), it is far from alone. There are over 260 TLDs in use around the world, most of which are country code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

This is one of the places where our Internet lives. A data center in Villeurbanne, France.

“The Internet is the largest experiment involving anarchy in history.”
This is how begins a new book, The New Digital Age”by two top Google execs, Eric E. Schmidt, Jared Cohen.