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A dandelion seed head. A photograph by Greg Hume.

"Yellow" by Matt Robinson. 

A green rose (top) and a rainbow flower (bottom), a flower, which has had its petals artificially colored.

A rolling field of lavender, in Provence, France.

A Japanese funeral home wanted to change the strict dress code observed in funeral services, where wearing colors other than black and white is regarded inappropriate.

It partnered with an ad agency to create an ad that may do that convention.

The agency, responded with this: a figure of a skeleton, made with pressed flowers that overtly celebrates the cycle of life by introducing color.

The polychromatic beauty of tulip fields in Spoorbuurt, in north Holland, as seen from the window of a small plane.

The 8-bit, unscented rose that’s imperishable. 

An unflattering union of Dr. Mengele and Georgia O’Keeffe, photographer Robert Buelteman subjects his floral subjects to torture.

He slices his flowers very thinly, till they’ve lost all color; are translucent.

Next, he prepares them for a ghastly electrocution by laying them on a metal sheet, sandwiched between Plexiglas. His final act of cruelty is to flip on a switch, upon which, 80,000 volts of electricity course through their soft carcasses, sizzling them in an electron beam.

Their destruction couldn’t be more complete. But, that is how Buelteman creates. 

In this picture, from the early 1940s, travelers in California’s San Joaquin Valley gather owl’s clover and blue lupine in a field along Route 99.

A bouquet of flowers, made of ice-cream. 

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