"Three Musicians" by Pablo Picasso.

An exhibition of 500 pandas sculptures, in Nanning, China, highlights the plight of the endangered animals.

Spanish street artist, SpY, has written the phrase, “I’m not a real artist,” with phosphorescent paint,” on the façade of a Paris building.

A poster, outside New York University’s Deutsches Haus.

“No army has accomplished more than printed textbooks have; no prince or priest has mattered as much as “On the Origin of Species”; no coercion has changed the hearts and minds of men and women as much as the first folio of Shakespeare’s plays.”
— From an essay, in The Economist, "From Papyrus To Pixels."

This is what a four-year-old Japanese kiddie has for breakfast: green peppers, stir-fried with tiny dried fish; soy sauce and sesame seeds; raw egg mixed with soy sauce and poured over hot rice; kinpira, a dish of lotus and burdock roots and carrots sautéed with sesame-seed oil, soy sauce and a sweet rice wine called mirin; miso soup; grapes; sliced Asian pear; and milk.

A new fleet of driverless Tube trains, due to be rolled out in London, in 2022.